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About Green Status Pro

Green Status Pro's delivers the highest quality Conflict Minerals Reporting support services.  We provide our Clients with the knowledge, expertise, procedures, and technology to implement the Conflict Minerals Program that meets their specific needs.

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The Benefits of Working With Green Status Pro

What sets Green Status Pro apart from alternative suppliers is that we work collaboratively with our Clients.  Our Clients obtain substantial benefits from this collaborative approach.

Control of the Conflict Minerals Program remains with the Client. 

Supplier management is not undermined by a third party demanding a CMRT or declaring that a supplier should be removed from the supply chain. 

The Conflict Minerals Program becomes an extension of the Client's company.

Unexpected requirements are met without modifying the support agreement.

Collaboration is cost-effective.

Our Mission

Combine the best-compliance practices with the correct technologies to support our Clients in achieving the humanitarian objectives of the Global Conflict Minerals Reporting Initiative.


Our Vision

Support our Clients as they expand Green Status Pro’s proven Conflict Minerals Reporting solutions to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

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