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Who We Are

Green Status Pro is the Conflict Minerals Reporting Specialist

We assist our clients by managing their Conflict Minerals Reporting Program as a process to:

Maintain compliance with their regulatory obligations.

Support their customers by creating accurate CMRTs.

Meet the objectives of their Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

Obtain insights into the quality of the manufacturers in their supply chain.

What We Do

We Listen to Our Clients

 Clients ask us to:

Manage their Conflict Minerals Program.

Support managers who have been assigned responsibility

for improving the quality of their company's program.

Correctly and cost-effectively process their supplier CMRTs.

Survey their suppliers to obtain their CMRTs and

document the process and results.

Prepare their annual Conflict Minerals Report.

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How We Do It

We Work Collaboratively with Our Clients


 Our unique skills, experience, and tools allow us to:

Focus on achieving the objectives that will make each client successful.

Work constructively and proactively with our clients' suppliers.

Leverage technology to cost-effectively provide exceptional service,

Apply the knowledge gained by supporting clients since the enactment of Dodd-Frank Section 1502.

Deliver actionable, sophisticated, comprehensive reports.

Why Green Status Pro Values Our Clients

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We Are

a Team

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We Are Always


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We Leverage


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We Appreciate

the Benefits of

the  Conflict

Minerals Rule

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