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Why Is It Difficult to Obtain CMRTs from Your Company's Suppliers?

For most companies, the most difficult and time-consuming task in the Conflict Minerals Reporting process is gathering data from suppliers.  Green Status Pro CMR Specialists are skilled at cost-effectively surveying suppliers.  


Through experience, they have learned that success in gathering CMRTs is directly related to the extent to which they know their clients’ suppliers.


Here are 4 highly significant aspects of the art of know-your-supplier that are frequently overlooked but critical to minimizing cost and maximizing supplier response rates.

Know Your Company’s Suppliers’ Real Names

Surprisingly, the art of gathering CMRTs begins with knowing the correct names of the suppliers. 


A significant number of manufacturers have merged, sold or bought operating divisions, changed their names and corporate identities, or grown from local operations into global enterprises. 


Too often, the supplier names provided to the CMRT team are out-of-date and incorrect.

Know Who Is Responsible for Providing the Supplier’s CMRT to Customers

The normal commercial communications between a supplier and its customer is handled by supplier sales reps and customer sourcing executives.  The CMRT is not part of this transaction process. 

Post-sales support is handled by the supplier’s customer support organization and the customer’s engineering and manufacturing departments.  The CMRT is not part of this operational process.

Some manufacturers minimize CMRT-related costs by making their customers responsible for obtaining their own CMRT.  Customers must know where to find the supplier’s CMRT on its website. 

At the other extreme, there are many manufactures who require their customers to make formal requests through a compliance department and provide a list of the products purchased from the supplier before they will release their CMRT.

Green Status Pro CMR Specialists know from experience how the different manufacturers must be approached.

Distributors and Contract Manufacturers Hide Their Customers Identity

Gathering CMRTs becomes much more complex when a manufacturer’s products are sourced through a third-party. 


Suppliers do not know who the ultimate customer is and are wary of providing a CMRT to non-customers.  The third-party does not want to incur the costs of gathering CMRTs from its suppliers and distributing them to the correct customers. 


The Art of CMRT collection is to successfully work through this barrier.

Identify Companies That Refuse to Create a CMRT

One of the responsibilities of the CMR Specialist is to identify suppliers who refuse to participate in the global CMR initiative. 


These manufacturers can consume an inordinately high percentage of time by neither confirming nor denying they have a CMRT. 


The Art of Data Collecting is to know how to minimize the time these Conflict Mineral Risks consume.

Green Status Pro’s clients have trusted us to gather CMRTs from thousands of suppliers. 


We have proactively analyzed supplier organizations to provide our clients with an accurate understanding of who their current suppliers are.  We have aggressively requested CMRTs or other Conflict Mineral Declarations. 


Green Status Pro uniquely adds value to compliance organizations by documenting each supplier’s conflict minerals reporting program.  


This results in cost-effectively obtaining the highest supplier response rates possible.