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The Green Status Pro Solution
The Green Status Pro Advantage

Green Status Pro focuses only on Conflict Minerals Reporting. Our clients obtain the benefits of specialization in the form of the highest quality work product delivered at the lowest cost.


We support our clients with a comprehensive technology infrastructure.  Documentation is maintained using Dropbox.Supplier CMRTs are transformed into must-have reports using software developed specifically for Conflict Minerals Reporting.  Communications with suppliers is managed with a suite of technology tools.  Green Status Pro and our clients work as a highly-productive virtual team by leveraging the power of web conferencing.


Green Status Pro’s clients view our professionals as their Conflict Minerals specialist staff.  Green Status Pro implements a cost-effective Conflict Minerals Reporting program in which each client defines what aspects it will actively manage and how it will participate.  

Green Status Pro’s technology solution to conflict minerals reporting allows us to be the low-cost, high-quality service provider.

Green Status Pro implements and maintains the Conflict Minerals Compliance Program our clients must have. Our priority is to deliver accurate CMRTs at the company and product levels for our clients to submit to their customers.

Clients also receive documentation of the processes and results, categorization of the CFSI-compliance status of each smelter in their supply chain, mapping of supplier-smelter relationships and supplier risk ratings.

We work with our clients on an annual retainer basis. Support is always available at no additional charge.  Changes in the Conflict Minerals Reporting requirements are incorporated into each client’s program at no additional charge.

 Green Status Pro Complete Conflict Minerals Reporting Service Overview
 Green Status Pro Complete Conflict Minerals Reporting Service Overview

Supplier Management 

Green Status Pro documents and manages the Conflict Minerals Reporting process from Initial Contact to Completion  

Data Gathering

Suppliers are contacted by email to obtain their current CMRT or Declaration that there are no 3TGs in the products supplied to our client  

Data Analysis 

Each CMRT is analyzed for red flags and errors  

Due Diligence 

Suppliers who do not respond to email requests are called.  Suppliers whose CMRT does not meet our client's standards are requested to remediate the issues


  • Client CMRT

  • Smelter CFSI-Compliance Status

  •  Supplier Responses

  • All Reported Smelters by Supplier

  • All Declaration Statements and Analysis

  • Supplier-Smelter Mapping and Analysis 

  • Client-Defined Reports