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 The Green Status Pro Advantage 

Lowest-cost solution as a result of using technology to automate processes and minimizing marketing and sales expenses 


Each client defines its role before the program is implemented. Clients  proactively direct the reporting process


Using technology, reports and the processes to create them are cost-effectively 

documented to meet the requirements   of audit standards


 Green Status Pro delivers a complete Conflict Minerals Program. Scope typically includes supplier management, conducting CMRT Surveys, custom report generation and professional services

Customer CMRT

The CMRT your company submits to its customers will be accurate, prepared in conformance with the OECD Guidance and use the CFSI as its reference authority. The work effort will be documented.

 Green Status Pro Complete Conflict Minerals Reporting Service Overview

Supplier Management 

Green Status Pro documents and manages the Conflict Minerals Reporting process from Initial Contact to Completion  

Data Gathering

Suppliers are contacted by email to obtain their current CMRT or Declaration that there are no 3TGs in the products supplied to our client  

Data Analysis 

Each CMRT is analyzed for red flags and errors  

Due Diligence 

Suppliers who do not respond to email requests are called. Suppliers whose CMRT does not meet our client's standards are requested to remediate the issues


  • Client CMRT

  • Smelter CFSI-Compliance Status

  • All Reported Smelters by Supplier

  • All Declaration Statements and Analysis

  • Supplier-Smelter Mapping and Analysis 

  • Client-Defined Reports

 Green Status Pro Automation 

Green Status Pro is the leader in deploying technology to lower the cost and increase the quality of Conflict Minerals Reporting.

Conflict Minerals Reporting Clients obtain a robust compliance technology infrastructure implemented by Green Status Pro that can be used to support other compliance programs.

Ingestor is the only technology that can read CMRTs, remove incorrect smelter entries, eliminate duplicates, consolidate correct smelter entries, classify each smelter by its current CFSI-compliance status, properly organize supplier declaration statements, provide a full set of analytics and create RCOI reports in Excel.

Dropbox provides the functionality required by the SEC and auditors to safely store documents and quickly access them for 5 years.  Green Status Pro saves our clients significant time by organizing supplier contact information, supplier CMRTs and all required reports in Dropbox. Dropbox is easy-to-use, includes a powerful search engine,  and provides the security required to support compliance programs.

GoToMeeting web conferencing allows Green Status Pro and its clients to work as a team that never needs to incur travel costs.  Ad hoc and weekly status meetings are conducted with GTM.  As a result, Green Status Pro's clients are located in every part of the world and all obtain the same high quality service and support. 

Excel and Word are the standards for documenting compliance. Therefore, all Green Status Pro reports use one of these formats to ensure that clients obtain the greatest value from their data. 

Green Status Pro selected IBM Softlayer, (now IBM Bluemix), to be our cloud-based application service provider. IBM Bluemix has put in place the most secure and reliable infrastructure in the industry.  Security is our clients' top priority.

Green Status Pro selects from a wide range of cost-effective automation tools the best ones to support each client's supplier communications and documentation requirements.  We then integrate them into a complete solution that our clients may use in conjunction with other compliance programs.

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