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Essential CMRT

Affordable CMRT Reporting

The Challenges

  1. Your company's customers demand a "properly prepared CMRT."

  2. Your company's executives do not have the time to learn what is meant by a "properly prepared CMRT."

  3. Your company wants to spend the least amount of monies possible on Conflict Minerals Reporting.

  4. Your company is small and/or private and/or located outside the U.S.  Conflict Minerals Reporting is viewed as a burden.

The Essential CMRT Process

  1. You and your Green Status Pro compliance Analyst will schedule a GoToMeeting web conference.

  2. Together you will:

  • Upload your supplier CMRTs to the secure Dropbox folder Green Status Pro maintains for your company.

  • Complete your Conflict Minerals Policy Profile to ensure that your Declaration questions are correctly answered.

The Deliverables

1.Your company's professionally prepared CMRT.

  • Current version published by the RMI​

  • Declarations Statements

  • Smelter List


2. Your Green ​Status Pro compliance analyst's report stating which                 supplier CMRTs were accepted and why others were rejected.

Continuous Support

  1. As your operations change, your suppliers will change.

  2. Add and remove CMRTs when your suppliers change.

  3. Update your Conflict Minerals Policy Profile when procedures change.

  4. Your Green Status Pro analyst will email you a reminder before updating your company's CMRT each quarter.