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Complete Enterprise

Customized Conflict Minerals Reporting Automation

Client Profile

Complete Enterprise is for global enterprises who support:

  • The humanitarian objectives of Dodd-Frank Section 1502;

  • Supplier Outreach to improve supply chain reporting;

  • Customer requirements for product-level CMRTs.


Clients typically are required to file Form SD or have strategic customers who must file.

Collaborative Approach

Green Status Pro works at the direction of the Enterprise Compliance Manager. We recommend policies, procedures, reports and automation infrastructure and then implement what our Client wants.


Adaptable Methodology

Green Status Pro modifies the procedures of our proven conflict minerals reporting methodology to meet the operational requirements of each Complete Enterprise client.  


Our objectives are to increase productivity, improve program quality and lower costs.

CMRTs and Reports On-Demand 

Clients define the product-level and user-defined CMRTs they want. Green Status Pro organizes supplier CMRTs to generate the required CMRT.

In addition to the custom CMRT, clients have the option to obtain a suite of  custom reports.

  • Supplier-Smelter Map

  • Smelter RMI-Compliance Report

  • Supplier Risk Report

  • Supplier Aggregated Declarations Report

  • Supplier Analytics

  • Supplier Due Diligence Follow-up Report

  • Green Status Pro's Documentation of the Process and Results


Automation is key for the Complete Enterprise program.  It allows us to empower global, multi-functional teams; institutionalize the reporting process; increase documentation quality and lower costs.

To meet the SEC's requirement that encrypted records are stored for 5 years while being readily accessible, each client will be provisioned with a dedicated Dropbox.

To eliminate travel costs while increasing program communications, Green Status Pro and our clients meet with GoToMeeting.

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The first step in the process of acquiring the Complete Enterprise solution is to learn more about each other -- our value and your requirements.

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