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9_ACTIONS_UPDATED_FEBRUARY.jpgeBook: 9 Action Items for Improving your Form SD and Conflict Minerals Report Rating

March 2016


Responsible Sourcing Network and Dr. Chris Bayer published two different criteria for rating a company's Conflict Minerals Disclosure. RSN's rating is based on "Good Practice" criteria; Bayer's rating on a likely SEC "Compliance" criteria. Learn the difference between these two ratings to strategically achieve high marks under both criteria.


Read this eBook to learn:  

  • How Evaluators will rate you RY2015 Form SD and CMR Filing
  • How to most effectively communicate your Company's Conflict Minerals Program Value to all stakeholders including:
    • SEC
    • Customers
    • Investors
    • Evaluators
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes

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automation_buyers_guide_cropeBook: Conflict Mineral Compliance Automation Buyer's Guide

December 2014


Get ready for 2015! With less than 4 months until Year 2 SEC filings are due, many companies, both public and private, need help completing their RCOI reports and documenting due diligence. Learn about best practices to determine if a software solution is necessary to assist in these efforts.


Read this ebook to learn:

  • The best time to implement a software solution
  • Best practices to conduct a company self-assessment and determine your needs
  • How to prioritize your goals and lay out a roadmap to achieve your goals
  • What are the important questions to ask vendors when moving through the buying process

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5_lessons_supply_chain_failure-449966-editedeBook: Lessons from 5 Extended Supply Chain Failures

October 2014


The extended supply chain is the upper tier of companies that turn raw materials into the components used and sold to end-consumers. These companies often recieve little to no attention from the public-facing corporations that fund them. However, when an incident occurs in the extended supply chain, it has a large effect at the end of the supply chain.

Read this ebook to learn:

  • Why sustainability pressure is mounting
  • The cause and effects of 5 recent extended supply chain failures
  • How to avoid supply chain turmoil

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Prepare_for_your_conflict_minerals_auditViewpoint: Prepare for Your Conflict Minerals Audit Now

October 2014


The SEC's Conflict Minerals transition period end on December 31, 2014. Filing companies that want to declare their products are "conflict minerals free" will have to undergo Independent Private Sector Audits (IPSA). These audits can strengthen company's image and allow them to use their conflict minerals policy as a strategic advantage or point them out as an example of non-compliance and make them targets of NGOs.


Read this viewpoint to learn:

  • Which companies will pass conflict minerals audits

  • The SEC's objectives for the IPSA

  • How to avoid surprises during an audit

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manage_cmrt_v3_data_picture-548932-editedeBook: How to Manage Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) V3 Data

October 2014


The CFSI's CMRT Version 3 significantly changes how Conflict Minerals Reporting programs must manage their suppliers’ smelter data. With this eBook, you can start implementing game-changers today.


Learn how to create a cost-effective, SEC-compliant Conflict Minerals Reporting program with helpful tips for:

  • Preparing an accurate CMRT for your customers

  • Developing Supply Chain Transparency

  • Improving Smelter Due Diligence

  • Automating Your Conflict Minerals Program

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12_lessons_learned_picture_v2-763205-editedeBook: Conflict Minerals Reporting: 12 Lessons Learned for 2014

August 2014


On May 31st, 2014, SEC-filing companies were required to report on their conflict minerals policy and if they were using conflict minerals in their products for the first time. In this eBook, the issues these companies faced are outlined and explored. 


After reading this book you will learn:

  • How to begin to prepare for your 2015 Audit

  • How companies are developing supply chain transparency

  • What companies are doing to improve their smelter due diligence

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9b66e3_039fc805b1e344b7bca2a71c6a18c251.jpg_srz_p_157_217_75_22_0.50_1.20_0White Paper: Legal Counsel's Conflict Minerals Reporting Responsibilities

April 2014


Green Status Pro views the corporate Legal Counsel’s role as critical for successful conflict minerals compliance. Risks to the corporation, its brands, and the specific corporate officer signing the SEC’s Form SD must be mitigated within the emerging conflict minerals legal environment. Further complicating oversight, the Legal Counsel, without direct supervisory authority, must typically oversee the efforts of compliance officers and operating managers in other departments.  Download the Green Status Pro white paper and learn the 9 questions Legal Counsel needs to ask compliance managers and operating managers to achieve compliance.

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9b66e3_1be09063ad9f405bbfc9f4a59b379c23.jpg_srz_p_157_209_75_22_0.50_1.20_0White Paper: A Practical Guide to Conflict Minerals Reporting

March 2014


A Practical Guide to Conflict Minerals Reporting explains how Compliance Officers can save hundreds of hours and cut weeks of time off their company’s compliance process. Corporate Boards are requiring efficient approaches to mitigating Conflict Minerals compliance risks. A Practical Guide to Conflict Minerals Reporting, gives you valuable insights that can ensure that your company’s risks are minimized. New Conflict Minerals Reporting best practices must be understood and implemented; efficient RCOI validation and roll-up mastered; and auditable due diligence processes documented as the basis for Form SD and the Conflict Minerals Report.

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9b66e3_832a7634c12f49c7a7a7b863a297e9fb.jpg_srz_p_157_196_75_22_0.50_1.20_0White Paper: 7 Steps to Surviving Conflict Minerals

March 2014


Compliance officers face significant challenges in complying with the letter and spirit of the SEC Conflict Minerals Rule for the 2013 reporting period. Due diligence on the source and chain of custody of their tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold (3TG) materials must be conducted and reported publically by May 31, 2014 and every year thereafter.


Incorporating the 7 core elements described in this White Paper for surviving the Conflict Minerals requirements is essential for achieving conformance in the limited time remaining.

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Viewpoint: Securing Conflict Minerals Supply Chain Data

January 2014


Conflict minerals compliance officers must consider IT security when evaluating technology solutions.From a compliance operations perspective, there are two fundamentally different database approaches to providing transparency into the supply chain: Universal or Company-specific.


The clear preference is for Company-specific applications supported by robust layers of security to ensure data integrity and protect against theft.

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Viewpoint: Conflict Minerals: 2013 Survival Guide

December 2013


Compliance officers face significant challenges in complying with the letter and spirit of the SEC Conflict Minerals Rule for 2013. Due diligence on the source and chain of custody of their 3TG materials must be conducted and reported publically by May 31, 2014. Incorporating the core elements described below for surviving the Conflict Minerals requirements for 2013 is essential for achieving conformance in the limited time remaining. This survival guide incorporates best practices throughout the Conflict Minerals process for efficiently minimizing enterprise risks associated with the regulation.

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Viewpoint: Four Hidden Risks of Dodd-Frank Section 1502

November 2013


There are unexpected enterprise risks in the new Conflict Minerals Reporting regulation that C-suite executives and board members need to properly manage.

  1. Public Disclosure

  2. Requirement to Drop Non-Complying Suppliers

  3. The Entire Supply Chain is Subject to Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals

  4. Both RCOI and OECD Due Diligence Reports Are Required Annually

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Conflict_Minerals_Reporting_Efficient_Risk_ManagementWhite Paper: Conflict Minerals Reporting: Efficient Risk Management

September 2013


Corporate Boards are requiring efficient approaches to mitigating Conflict Minerals compliance risks. Conflict Minerals is a humanitarian issue that companies support; but even conscientious companies must minimize their cost to comply. Executives are struggling with significant challenges to meet these conflicting objectives. This white paper is a practical guide for Conflict Minerals compliance managers who must, for the first time, meet the challenges of both supply chain traceability and establishing auditable due diligence procedures.

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