For Corporations that File SEC Form SD


Simplify Conflict Minerals Reporting

Green Status Pro works in close collaboration with Clients to simplify conflict minerals reporting. Clients approve supplier communications and conflict minerals data acceptance criteria. Green Status Pro transparently performs the drudgery of supplier communications, data gathering, status reporting, results analysis, process documentation, and report generation.


Exceed Objectives

New Clients engage Green Status Pro because our proprietary CMRT reporting technology and professional services:

  1. Creates a 100% accurate CMRT Smelter List for their customers.
  2. Obtains supplier-reported smelter and due diligence information critical for the Conflict Minerals Disclosure filed with the SEC.
  3. Satisfies the requirements for an IPSA (independent private sector audit) by designing, implementing and documenting an RCOI procedure that complies with the OECD Guidance.
  4. Minimizes both cost and executive time compared to all other alternative approaches.


Obtain Professional Reports

At the conclusion of each RCOI, Green Status Pro delivers the supply chain documentation US filers must have.  Their Conflict Minerals RCOI and Due Diligence Report includes the:Due_Diligence_Report_Thumbnail.jpg

  1. Client’s 100% accurate CMRT Smelter List (Current Version) by Company, Product or User-defined
  2. Compliance-Free Audit Status for all smelters identified on the CMRT Smelter List and the CFSI Reference Report of verified smelters participation in the Conflict-Free Smelter Program on the date of the report
  3. Summary Analytics Table
  4. Aggregated Declaration Statements of all Reporting Suppliers
  5. All Reported Smelters by All Suppliers
  6. Supplier Conflict Minerals Company-Contact Database
  7. Consolidated CFSI-verified Smelter Report
  8. Rejected Supplier Smelter Entries Report
  9. Work Effort and Process Documentation


Delight Clients

The Complete RCOI Reporting Service is tailored by Green Stauts Pro Compliance Engineers to support individual Client requirements.  For example, Green Status Pro can generate product level CMRTs based on a Client’s BOM; deliver supplier outreach programs to teach best-practices for creating a CMRT; implement Client-defined Red Flag identifications; initiate and manage data gathering efforts through the Client’s procurement executives; and more. 

Combining Technology, Professional Services, and Best Practices, Green Status Pro is committed to providing you with the quality service you want. 

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