For CMRT Outsourcing and Complete RCOI Reporting Services


Simplify Conflict Minerals Team Coordination

Green Status Pro Clients have the option to add a secure, cloud-based Collaborative Workspace dedicated to their company’s Conflict Minerals Program.  


Green Status Pro can instantly share its reports, supplier communications and program documentation with Client team members anywhere in the world. Clients can quickly identify and work with suppliers who are potential conflict minerals risks.  


The Collaborative Workspace strengthens the working relationship between Green Status Pro and our Clients who want to proactively manage their supplier relationships. 


Leverage Team Knowledge

Team members located in any time zone representing regulatory affairs, procurement, legal, sales, engineering and the C-Suite can effectively contribute to their company’s Conflict Minerals Program.


Never misplace a report – all data is kept in one place. Powerful search tools ensure your Conflict Minerals Program information is readily accessible.


The intuitive user interface and powerful collaborative tools increase individual productivity and assist team members in accomplishing their program tasks.



1Q. Will my data be safe and secure?

1A.  Yes. The system is password protected, all data is encrypted, mirrored and backed-up, all transactions are logged and more.


2Q.  Can I use my smartphone to access reports?

2A. Yes. The Collaborative Workspace uses Dropbox for Business as its underlying application technology.  Any smartphone that runs Dropbox can join the workspace.


3Q. Who is responsible for gathering the data and adding it to the Collaborative Workspace?

3A.  Green Status Pro.  All our services described in the Service Offerings remain the same.


4Q. Is the Collaborative Workspace affordable?

4A. Yes. the minimum license for 5 users with editing privileges is $750 per year.

















Support Services

  1. Program Management
    Green Status Pro provides the expert advice needed on an on-going basis for Conflict Minerals Reporting. This includes recommending CMRT Declarations Statements, implementing best-practice procedures, complying with OECD Guidance and preparing for future requirements, such as possible European Union regulation. Green Status Pro becomes your Conflict Minerals professional every day of the year.
  2. Customer Inquiries
    Green Status Pro answers all customer questions regarding the CMRT Smelter List.
  3. Supplier Management
    Green Status Pro maintains the conflict minerals supplier-contact database and performs the supplier survey work effort.
  4. CMRT Updates
    When the CFSI updates its Smelter Reference List with a new version of the CMRT, Green Status Pro updates each client’s CMRT Smelter List.


The Process

You provide Green Status Pro with the contacts at your relevant suppliers. Tell us your supplier policies regarding Conflict Minerals Reporting. Approve standard supplier communications, such as the initial request to submit a CMRT, reminders and follow-up requests for clarifications and additional information.  Green Status Pro does the rest while informing you of the results.


The ABCs

  1. The CMRT Outsourcing Service is designed to assist companies located anywhere in the world. Clients range from private companies with under 100 employees to public corporations with thousands of employees.
  2. The CMRT Outsourcing Service is a one-year commitment. From beginning an engagement to delivering the CMRT Smelter List normally takes 2 months. Green Status Pro continues to provide support for the next 10 months.
  3. Pricing is simply tied to the number of suppliers to be contacted. 


Combining Technology, Professional Services, and Best Practices, Green Status Pro is committed to providing you with the quality service you want.


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