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The Conflict Minerals Reporting Challenge

Your company’s customers are demanding an accurate CMRT, even if your company is private or headquartered outside the US.


They need your company’s CMRT to meet the contractual requirements of their customers or to maintain compliance with the US Conflict Minerals Rule. They may even be threatening to remove your company from their approved vendor list, if they are not provided with a CMRT that clearly demonstrates the adequacy of your Conflict Minerals Program.


The challenge is to cost effectively put in place the correct Conflict Minerals Reporting Program with procedures to create a CMRT your customers can accept and resources to call on to properly manage Conflict Minerals issues throughout the reporting year.


The Solution



Your company is not in the business of maintaining a Conflict Minerals Program that manages supplier CMRTs and supports customers’ regulatory reporting obligations. Green Status Pro is. We become your Conflict Minerals Program partner, establish your CMRT and provide high-quality, on-going support.


The Green Status Pro CMRT Outsourcing Service delivers essential customer reports and continuous professional support at an affordable price.


The Reports

  1. 100% Accurate CMRT Smelter List at the Company-level
    + Product-level and User-defined CMRT options are available.
  2. Conflict Minerals Reporting Due Diligence Report
    + For your customers that demand more than a CMRT, documents how the CMRT was developed.
  3. Smelter Conflict-Free Compliance Report
    + Identifies the current Conflict-Free Smelter Program (CFSP) audit-participation status of each smelter.
  4. Supplier Declarations Report
    + All supplier CMRT data organized to support your CMRT Declarations.
  5. Conflict Minerals Supplier-Contact Database
    + The information needed to manage your Conflict Minerals Program.

Support Services

  1. Program Management
    Green Status Pro provides the expert advice needed on an on-going basis for Conflict Minerals Reporting. This includes recommending CMRT Declarations Statements, implementing best-practice procedures, complying with OECD Guidance and preparing for future requirements, such as possible European Union regulation. Green Status Pro becomes your Conflict Minerals professional every day of the year.
  2. Customer Inquiries
    Green Status Pro answers all customer questions regarding the CMRT Smelter List.
  3. Supplier Management
    Green Status Pro maintains the conflict minerals supplier-contact database and performs the supplier survey work effort.
  4. CMRT Updates
    When the CFSI updates its Smelter Reference List with a new version of the CMRT, Green Status Pro updates each client’s CMRT Smelter List.


The Process

You provide Green Status Pro with the contacts at your relevant suppliers. Tell us your supplier policies regarding Conflict Minerals Reporting. Approve standard supplier communications, such as the initial request to submit a CMRT, reminders and follow-up requests for clarifications and additional information.  Green Status Pro does the rest while informing you of the results.


The ABCs

  1. The CMRT Outsourcing Service is designed to assist companies located anywhere in the world. Clients range from private companies with under 100 employees to public corporations with thousands of employees.
  2. The CMRT Outsourcing Service is a one-year commitment. From beginning an engagement to delivering the CMRT Smelter List normally takes 2 months. Green Status Pro continues to provide support for the next 10 months.
  3. Pricing is simply tied to the number of suppliers to be contacted. 


Combining Technology, Professional Services, and Best Practices, Green Status Pro is committed to providing you with the quality service you want.

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