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Don’t Bet Your Company on Conflict Minerals

Posted: June 13, 2016 Submitted by Rob Kasameyer

Bet_yoour_Company_chips.jpgIndustry leaders are demanding their supply chains discontinue using smelters and refiners (SORs) that are not at least in the CFSP conflict-free audit process by the end of 2016. The risk to suppliers of ignoring this is significant: non-complying suppliers could lose their approved vendor status, forfeiting all new businessgoing forward. Betting your company on this risk makes no sense for rational suppliers.

How can suppliers stay on top of the CM challenge?

Suppliers must structure plans to meet the following 6 objectives.

  1. Remain current with your customers: provide your customers an accurate CMRT version 4.10 by mid-summer
  2. Obtain 100% supplier response rate to your request for CM information
  3. Obtain 100% customer acceptance for your CMRT Smelter List
  4. Identify smelters in your supply chain that are not participating in the CFSP audit program
  5. Encourage your supply chain to work with their smelters to participate in the CFSP audit program
  6. Document your CM reporting program for your customers and management

Green Status Pro specializes in delivering the expertise and services required for corporations to meet the regulatory and customer mandates of Dodd-Frank Section 1502 and the SEC. We will cost effectively work with you to gather and analyze the required conflict minerals data, delivering essential reports on a timely basis, as well as providing critical support services to meet customer requests as required throughout the year. Green Status Pro will assist you in meeting your customers’ requirements for 100% accurate CMRT Smelter List V4.10 and delivering the comprehensive RCOI reports required by Dodd-Frank Section 1502.

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