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The Green Status Pro Advantage

Green Status Pro focuses only on Conflict Minerals Reporting. Our professional staff performs the tasks required for data gathering, analysis and reporting that support our clients’ policies.

Our automated CMRT analysis and reporting technology provides our clients with an accurate, fast, cost-effective solution for accurately reporting even the largest and most complex 3TG supply chains.

Green Status Pro fully supports the objectives and standards of the CFSI. The quality of our work product meets the requirements of an IPSA and SEC examination.

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Struggling to Manage Conflict Minerals Data from Your Supply Chain?

Green Status Pro provides the tools to gain a competitive advantage in Conflict Minerals

"Manual approaches don't work; Green Status Pro's automation is essential."
-EHS Manager, Electronics Supplier
"Green Status Pro is an important tool to help manage our regulatory risks."
- EVP, Apparel Firm

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Green Status Pro is the recognized leader in Conflict Mineral Reporting


SoftLayer Announces Partnership with Green Status Pro


"Companies like Green Status Pro have a unique set of infrastructure requirements focusing on the areas of security, performance and ease-of-use. The IT infrastructure they choose to build and scale their businesses on will often determine if they succeed or not—it is critical to their livelihood”

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Insights Magazine Case Study


"Documenting compliance is a requirement to be in businesses today... traditionally done manually, proving due diligence is a tedious effort that requires lots of paper and Excel sheets, as well as the final gathering and consolidating of all the data into a single report to give to auditors."

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IBM Engine of the Week


"Its cloud-based solution delivers orders-of-magnitude improvements in speed along with the highest levels of security... Green Status Pro is now well on its way to success in an enterprise market that is notoriously difficult for startups to penetrate."

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